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MAM: Our Daily Bread 4

MAM: Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread (Unser tägliches Brot) is not a movie that focuses directly on marketing like the other movies I have presented as part of MAM. However, it can contribute to a powerful discussion...

MaM: My Stuff – Tavarataivas 4

MaM: My Stuff – Tavarataivas

Not obviously featuring marketing, Finnish movie My Stuff (Tavarataivas) is nevertheless worth mentioning in this series. The movie is reminiscent of a reverse-Super Size me in some ways: basically an experiment of how much...


MaM: Czech Dream – Ceský sen

Kicking off a new series of posts about Movies about Marketing, Consumption and related topics is this review of  the 2004 movie Czech Dream (Ceský sen) from the Czech Republic. Ceský sen is a documentary...