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I’m famous – on Instagram. Micro-celebrities, Self-Branding and Social Media

“I’m famous on Instagram….” With self-branding and “micro-celebrity” status becoming ever more important (especially for marketers to “hook into”), this article, written from a cultural studies perspective, has some interesting insights into the phenomenon. What...


What to do with the racist brand name?

Marketing is certainly no stranger to claims that it is inherently racist, and racism remains a controversial topic today (see, for example, this article by Mark Tadajewski discussing some of the issues). While racisim...

MAM: Our Daily Bread 4

MAM: Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread (Unser tägliches Brot) is not a movie that focuses directly on marketing like the other movies I have presented as part of MAM. However, it can contribute to a powerful discussion...