Current Research

[This is very dated… Update coming soon!]
This is a list of current research projects I am working on:

Social Marketing for Crime Prevention & Community Participation
Much of the current focus in Social Marketing is on changing behaviour in health care settings. However, the scope of Social Marketing is considerably broader, and it is successfully being used in other settings, such as community policing, petty crime prevention and to increase community participation. Yet, there is remarkable little research in this area. The project aims to bring together current research and to further explore the effects and effectiveness of Social Marketing in these areas.

Use of Web2.0 Media in Social Marketing
The project is looking at what role Web2.0 media can play in terms of enhancing the communication between organisation and clients in a social marketing context, for example to deliver supportive health messages, enhance patient education and foster compliance.

A framework for successful Cross-Cultural Social Marketing
Many Social Marketing interventions are by their nature cross-cultural or intercultural. The project aims to bridge the current gap between Cross- and Intercultural Psychology and Social Marketing and to look at how concepts from Cross-Cultural Psychology can be used to enhance Social Marketing and Social Marketing Communications in particular.
A first draft of a framework for Cross-Cultural Social Marketing Interventions is available here.

Barriers to Communications: Social Marketing Interventions for Patients With Chronic Conditions from Ethnic Minorities.
Black and minority ethnic groups (BME groups) often experience varying levels and quality of care in a wide range of clinical settings, resulting in often drastically reduced health outcomes. Social Marketing has been used in a variety of settings, including specifically within a BME context, where Social Marketing has proven to be useful tool to enhance patient “buy-in” and participation, however, few studies have addressed the UK specific BME context and population groups. The project aims to identify ‘actionable insights’ for BME groups in the UK that could be used as the basis for developing further interventions.

Using Social Marketing Techniques to Increase Equal Opportunities
With recent changes in legislation, there is a renewed emphasis on organisations to positively promote equal opportunities within their organisational culture. The project aims to identify if and what role social marketing can play in creating a corporate environment in which diversity is valued and to achieve maximum buy-in from employees.

Using Telephone Interventions in Health Promotion
This project is looking what role telephone interventions (e.g. help lines) can play in effective promotion of health targets. While there is ample anecdotal evidence that some help lines are a valuable contribution, there is relatively little evidence and no established methodology to establish the effectiveness of telephone based interventions in the longer term. The project aims to identify how such an evaluation could take place and what role these interventions can play in an holistic approach to health promotion and social marketing interventions, especially in the context of preventative health care.