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Social Media Marketing 3EHandbook of Marketing Ethics
Cutting-edge thinking on marketing ethics
Marketing Communications
A deeper understanding of this dynamic industry
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Social Media Marketing 2E
The scholarly approach to Social Media Marketing
Marketing Ethics and Society
A critical, holistic examination of the social impact of marketing
Social Marketing
Creating behaviour change using commercial marketing methods
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Older books (in print)

51Lgz2UunFLSocial Media Marketing: 
Theories & Applications

Sage Publications, London, 2015

Social media has quickly become part of the fabric of our daily lives, and as we have flocked to it, so have most companies and organisations from every sector and industry. It is now the place to attract and sustain our attention. But how is it a new marketing activity and how is it similar to previous practice and customer behaviour? Does it require new modes of thinking about human networks and communications or do the existing conceptual models still apply?

This book offers …
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Sage Publications, London, 2015

Marketing, while essential to organisational success, is arguably one of the most controversial aspects of business management. Criticisms of marketing’s impact range from fostering materialism and unsustainable consumption patterns through to the use of deception, stifling of innovation and lowering of  quality, to name but a few. Taking a holistic and international perspective, this book critically examines the ethical challenges marketing faces and explores strategies marketers can use to respond to those challenges.

The book examines …
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mc-bookMarketing Communications

Routledge, London, 2014

With the proliferation of digital and social media, there has never been a more dynamic time to engage with marketing communications – and never has the integration of marketing communications (marcoms) principles into a strategic marketing plan been more challenging. Even the best product in the world won’t sell without the right reach to your potential customers and the right message to engage them.

This textbook applies a uniquely practical approach to the topic so that, whilst a structured overview of planning, development, implementation and evaluation of marketing communications is in place, the detailed cases made available by the Institute for Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) show …
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sm-bookSocial Marketing

Pearson, London, 2014

Social marketing is receiving unprecedented focus and support from government, the private sector and charities internationally. Social marketing attempts to educate people in the hope that they will make ‘informed’(i.e. healthy) choices regarding diet, lifestyle and health related issues. The effective application of social marketing principles can be complex and controversial. Social marketing planning cannot be reduced to a simple set of actions on a checklist; there is no single strategy for success and strategies that have proved successful with one population may not transfer to other populations. This text will explore the complexities involved in researching, planning and implementing effective social marketing programmes, using illustrative cases from both successful and unsuccessful real-world programmes.

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Books which are currently out of print:

x-diverseDiversity in Business Communication

Zurich: Netw®k Lang & Schuster

“We are all the new minority”: The books takes a critical look at contemporary business communication and examines the apparent lack of diversity. It points out steps to embrace a more diverse business communication practice and the potential positive effects of such moves.

x-busIntercultural Skills for Business

London: ECE

In an increasingly global business environment, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of cultural norms and their impact on business and management. This book looks at the skills required to become a successful manager in a globalised business environment.

x-cultransCommunications and Culture Transformation: Cultural Diversity, Globalization and Cultural Convergence

London: ECE