Snapchat Lenses: Gatorade

Snapchat is a massively popular chat and social networking application. Unique to Snapchat is the overwhelmingly young userbase.

One of the features of Snapchat are so called “lenses”. When using lenses, Snapchat-users can add real-time special effects to their videos (and pictures), which can then be shared with friends or added to their “history”.

A brand that used this technology with great success is the sports drink brand Gatorade.

During the superbowl in 2016, the company released a special Gatorade Bath filter. The filter placed a bucket filled with the orange drink behind the persons’ head, and then, in a similar way to the “ice bucket challenge”, seemingly emptied out the contents of the bucket over the user’s head (see the video below).

A notable feature of the lens was the relative absence of any branding: The only “giveaway” that the lens was a sponsored lens was the brand’s “G” on the bucket and appearing briefly in the corner of the screen. No other branding was included.

Gatorade's Snapchat created more impressions than people watching the superbowl. Click To Tweet

The campaign was a massive success: the campaign amassed over 160 million impressions – more than people actually watching the superbowl.

Potential discussion topics:
What do you think about the “lens”? 
How do you think Usage and Gratifications Theory ( see the Social Media Book) could be used to explain the success?
What ethical aspects can you identify with the campaign?

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