Hello Hong Kong, again!

IMG_3221A warm breeze, a cool drink, the sun is setting over one of the most recognisable skylines in the world… yes, it is that time of the year again: Hong Kong, and saying hello to our new students on the BA Marketing and the BA Marketing and Management that we run as “top up” degrees together with HKU Space.

While for most academics September is the last month of quiet before the storm in the UK, for me September is always the busiest month of my year: Three sets of inductions, and then teaching block courses in Marketing Communications and Branding make it quite a challenging month. In between I’m trying to focus on which papers need doing what to them, a few special issues that need doing, following up from the various conferences I attended over the summer – and wondering why miraculously the mountain of material waiting to be read seems to have grown yet again! At least this month, the hard work during the day (and yes, teaching for seven hours straight may not sound much, but trust me, it is challenging!) is offset but some great evenings looking out over the harbour with a cool drink, some really delicious food… and a few very early morning (because of the heat and humidity) runs along the harbour.

I hope you had a lovely summer, too… and to everyone reading this: welcome back, or almost welcome back. Wishing you all the best for the new “Academic year”… let’s make it a good one!

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