Marketing Communications – The Book!


Just as I write this, the first copies of the brand new Marketing Communications book are being shipped!
What made us write that book? We really had three main reasons:

Firstly, many of the marketing communications books are highly theoretical. While it is good to have a strong theoretical underpinning (and this book doesn’t compromise on this) – theory only doesn’t really bring the examples to live. So this book is filled with industry case studies, not just one, but often two large ones per chapter – in addition to many smaller cases after each section, and think boxes to allow for discussion.

Secondly, the media environment has changed a lot in the last few years. Sadly, many textbooks seem to banish social media and other new media forms in a little chapter – and never talk about it anywhere else. We also have a chapter on this. In fact, there is one on social media and one on hybrid media. But we also use many examples throughout the book showing how new/social/hybrid media impacts marketing communications – and how it can be used effectively.

Thirdly, the book doesn’t just pay lip service to ethical issues in marketing communications – or simply forgets to mention these. Rather, it raises ethical issues and topics for discussion throughout. Of course, this is particularly important in relation to social/new/hybrid media forms – but also in other areas.

Of course, I might be a bit biased in telling you all this… so why don’t you head over to the books website to find out more – and, of course, you can order your inspection copy right there!

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