Book: Lorenzostein


Who is Lorenzostein? Well, if you didn’t have the dubious, but certainly entertaining, pleasure of meeting Lorenzostein as yet, here is a chance to read all about this strange alien creature from outer space, oversexed, endowed with an enormous male organ – and academic at the low-flying U-TRASH. If you expect Sci-Fi (as in alien), fiction, as in a traditional novel … you will be disappointed. Instead get ready to read Science Fiction, an almost scientifically presented fiction story about the strange protagonist. Yes, it is a campus novel, but it is certainly quite different from your average novel: The presentation is in the form of pseudo-scientific writing about the alien life-form, turned academic in shitology, and set during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Oh, did I mention he is married, but doesn’t take his vows all to serious? If you think this sounds absurd, you are probably right. The storyline is. The way it is told is. Please don’t ask me to reveal more, because it wouldn’t make much sense, nor would it do the book justice.

The scientific writing actually masks a very dry sense of humour about the story, gender roles and commentary about contemporary eduction. It’s not a long book, 128 pages, so things don’t get repetitive or boring. Rather, as absurd as it sounds, it is actually a truly enjoyable read. Yes, you are quite likely to ask yourself when you put down the book: What was this all about? But you probably had a great time getting there. And at the bargain price of £ 2.02 for the Kindle edition, this is one campus novel you don’t want to miss.

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