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Being an academic obviously means writing … sometimes a lot of writing. Which, fortunately in some cases can be a lonely experience…  sometimes, a bit too lonely for me. Luckily there is always the lovely social web … So here are the sites that sometimes make my day a little less lonely – my “academic social media” if you so want:
I’m not sure this is strictly “social”, but it is certainly the most popular academic site. A sort of academic linked in, where you post the latest paper you had just accepted. So the site is great for finding out what research others are doing – but if you fancy a bit of chit chat while you are writing the next paper… it doesn’t really do that. But it does sent you cute emails a few times a day saying that someone from somewhere searched for you on Google.

Got a question about Focus groups? Want some help with a trick function in R? Methodspace is your friend. Run by Sage, this is the Park Lane for geeks, with groups for every methodological quirk you can think of. Still not much chit chat, but … very useful for getting you on the way.

eems very much like the competition to Academia – just with a more scientist edge. At least from what I remember… But then I might be wrong, since I seem to have an account – but lost the password. And since it tells me every time I ask to reset my password, that my email doesn’t exist – and I can’t create a new account, because my email is already in use I can’t really say much about it… (If you can get in, let me know!)

Well… not strictly a social hang out, but it has the news from the UK higher education sector. So a must read …

The Chronicle
It’s the THE equivalent from across the pond. Just… it actually has forum! Interaction! Discussion! OK, much comes from a slightly American perspective – but it is a bit like a Starbucks full of academics, everyone is there and you can have some interesting shop talk.

This is the most marketing specific one – and, it is an email list. Mostly announcements of jobs, Table of contents and Call for Papers – but a useful thing to have in your inbox every morning (just so that you don’t forget that important deadline!).

Which social networks for academics do you use? What do you think of them? Let me know via the comments!

P.S.: If you want a great introduction on how to use Social Media to promote your profile as a researcher – take a look at Ana Canhoto’s blog.

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