Hello and Bye Bye: Deactivate


Writing about social media has an interesting effect on me: I’m wondering how would life be without social media. I was, of course, alive in the 1990s – and vaguely remember the funny sounds terribly slow modems made when they connected to that wild thing called “the internet”. This was followed by quickly checking the very few emails and maybe a website or two – and then that was it. After all it was the cost of a local call at least – and even though per minute that was not that much … it quickly added up. Conversely, and maybe through the haze of time, I remember the intense discussions with friends or fellow students which were never interrupted by another notification whizzing you away from Central London and the person right in front of you – to the friend half way around the world to discuss some triviality. And of course, I remember the amazing excitement when receiving one of those pale blue rice paper things marked “AirMail” from friends somewhere…  Maybe because of nostalgia, maybe because I’m curious what effect it will have on me  – or just simply as a way to see what I”ll miss (or not) – but I have decided to give social media a rest for a few weeks.

As I’m going to travel over the next few weeks anyway, this time seems a pretty good time to “disconnect” – and focus both on my work that I plan to be doing while away – and on my writing. I’m not really planning on making any elaborate rules about what I will do and what I won’t do. As I “self-experiment” I’m not sure it would be very sensible to do so. I’m still actually in two minds about wether or not I should blog occasionally during this time – as I guess technically this counts pretty much as social media. On the other hand, blogging is less of a “social” activity to me than, say, twitter or facebook. Anyway, let’s see what happens… and I’m looking forward to being in touch with you again in a few weeks … when I’m back in the UK!

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