Oscar Tweetlight

Dear Social Media Marketers…

After yesterday’s Oscar celebrations, it appears some of you have not quite learned the first lesson of social media: Social media, such as twitter,  is for  people to communicate with each other.

So, for example, during the Oscars, many people used twitter (or other social networks) to communicate with their friends, family members, followers, etc – hey even with their favourite brands. What they were talking about were movies, dresses, actors and actresses. Of course, as a marketeer, or a brand, your very much invited to join the conversation. But please bear in mind, that on social networks your audience is there not to hear you selling something, but to hear you contributing the discussion.

Funny tweets, adding something are cool. Because they make your brand look good, and you appear like an active participant in the conversation. That’s what you marketers call building a “relationship”. Take this one (with image) by Nintendo: “And now, a special message from Bowser… RAWR Wreck-it Ralph got robbed” (image here: https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/305859830650896384/) – good one. Plenty of retweeds, taking part in the conversation. Making a point. The brand acting like a friend who wants to chat.

Compare this with “Lincoln may not know what a cell phone is but even he can appreciate Truly Unlimited data while on the Sprint network” (here) are just … [deleted due to trying to be nice]. It’s simple: Dear Sprint (and others like you – and there were plenty), if you don’t want to join the conversation, but disrupt the conversation by inserting sales messages then social networks are not for you.

Nobody follows a sales person to listen to them selling something. If you think social networks are like opt-in sales lists, where every conversation can be prepped up with a bit of sales talk… then please return to the drawing board. It doesn’t enhance the brand, it doesn’t create positive vibes, it doesn’t create positive relationships… it’s simply annoying.

Please remember, most of the people who follow you are probably your customers already… so why do you want to bore them with… a little more sales talk? In social media, your brand is “humanised”, it appears just as all other humans. So, act like a human, talk like a human. Then people will interact with your brand … like a human. Unfortunately, if your social media personality is annoying door to door sales person, many people will treat you exactly like that: They will close the door. Sorry!

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