Social Marketing Book available now

sm-bookMy latest (co-authored) book Social Marketing is being released tomorrow. In 14 chapters the book provides a critical analysis of the origins of social marketing as a concept and of the claims made by its supporters and detractors in order to highlight what social marketing can and cannot achieve. This is followed by a review of strategic issues that must be considered in developing social marketing programmes, including issues such as persuasion resistance, message relevance and message framing and, of course, intervention evaluation.

The book discusses the impact of cultural factors on health-related behaviours, ethical issues and attitudes as a key factor underlying behaviours. With a strong practical focus, we introduce concepts, theories and strategies and show how these can be used to help the development, testing and implementation of social marketing interventions.

Each chapter chapter includes several examples of successful campaigns, a case study, chapter review questions and further reading. The book can be used as a text book for social marketing classes – or indeed if you are a social marketers, it can be a useful reference book.

The book costs £36.99, but is currently available directly from Pearson with a discount of 20% at a price of £29.59

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Part 1: The principles of social marketing

1. What is social marketing?

2. The core principles of social marketing

3. The social marketing intervention planning process

4. Upstream, policy and partnerships

5. Ethical issues in social marketing

Part 2: Understanding the consumer

6. Understanding the consumer: the role of theory

7. Conducting research in social marketing

8. Segmentation

9. Social forces and population level effects

Part 3: Designing effective social marketing solutions

10. Designing social marketing interventions: products, services, locations, channels

11. Message framing

12. Creativity in social marketing

13. Media in social marketing

14. Measurement and evaluation of social marketing programmes

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