Bye, bye Stockholm!

icoriaIt has been a little hectic this week: First I had the pleasure of attending ICORIA in Stockholm, and now I’m on my way to see the students on our Hong Kong programme graduate. The conference was certainly fantastic – it was fun to see so many faces again from last year. The organisation was excellent, and the presentations I attended interesting. ICORIA is much smaller than EMAC, with around 120 attendees (rather than 1200). Fewer people makes the conference extremely friendly, and being a conference that focuses on one topic (research into advertising/communications) ensures that mostly everyone you speak to has something fascinating to say.

It also so happened that it was my fist time ever in Stockholm – and I have to say, the city is extremely pleasant. The organisers also showcased several advertising examples. The examples they showed were amazingly creative. It makes me wonder, having worked for some time in smaller countries, if sometimes countries like Sweden (or the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway – and Hong Kong of course!) are more adventurous when it comes to creative ideas about advertising and communications. Of course, it is a highly subjective view – but it would certainly be intriguing to see if this could be substantiated in some way (is there a way to objectively measure creativity?). I’m also glad to see and hear much more attention being paid to markets other than the US/EU – and people actively pushing for more engagement with these markets and what is happening in them – especially in terms of creative comms.

Unfortunately, I had to dash off to the airport before they announced where next year’s conference will  be held, but I’m sure not to miss it.

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