EMAC Lisbon

emacYesterday, EMAC (European Academy of Marketing  Conference), finished in Lisbon. It was my first time at this conference. Considered the “European” equivalent of AMS in the US, the conference is the largest gathering of mainly European marketing scholars. All in all over a 1000 delegates presenting 600 or so papers over three days. There really was plenty to choose from! It’s also a great place to (sometimes unexpectedly!) bump into friends: On the first day I managed to bump into a former colleague, who has done extremely well after moving to Turkey (so proud of her!!). In fact, she is the chairperson of the next EMAC in Istanbul! I also managed to meet Alexander Munzel who runs a great blog on (mostly online) marketing. Have a look: http://onlineconsumers.wordpress.com/ . A regrettable aspect was that only relatively few academics from the UK managed to attend. Of course, we have the AoM Conference as a national equivalent – but given the possibilities for networking, see some generally very good papers presented and have a lot of fun –  I wondered why not more British academics were there.
An aspect I found fascinating was the various “hierarchies” in different countries: Most people in the UK are familiar with the US equivalent (roughly Lecturer = Assistant Prof/Senior Lecturer=Associate Prof/Prof=Prof) – but even myself (born in Germany) was pretty ignorant of how the system is structured elsewhere (including Germany – and there were many Germans there!). Seeing the various systems in action was pretty interesting, especially for people who might consider taking up a job abroad!
All together, I was glad I went – and I’m looking forward to the next EMAC – and to see some new and familiar faces. Maybe I can even entice a few of my British colleagues to cross the channel (and the alps!).

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