Social Media & Social Marketing

NetworkingSocial media, and in particular user-generated media, offer a myriad of possibilities for enhancing the engagement of target audiences with social marketing campaigns. Social media, which enables easy and free content creation, is often seen as a cost effective way to promote social messages, engage users and inform stakeholders. This paper summarises much of the current research. The paper can be downloaded for free from SSRN:

I used the paper as part of a presentation at the Middlesex University Social Marketing Evenings – looking at ways to use social media for social marketing. The presentation from the evening is available here.

If you’d like to receive an invitation to forthcoming evening workshops/lectures, please send me an email: .

The next evening is on the 21 July.
Exploring health literacy, deprivation and working in a cultural diverse environment, the lecture shows how Social Marketing can be used in challenging scenarios to deliver effective behaviour change. Intended for people with a basic understanding of Social Marketing, the workshop will examine successful examples how to overcome barriers and help deliver successful Social Marketing campaigns in hard to reach communities.

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