Social Marketing: Academic Publication Outlets & Journal Quality

Personally, as an academic, I find publishing research results is often a little bewildering: On the one side there are literally thousands of journals in business alone – but finding the right ones to publish in is sometimes a challenge. Not at least, because with the REF looming in the UK, journal quality has become an important factor for me when considering where to send a manuscript. My university tends to rely highly on the Association of Business Schools Journal Quality list, which has fairly recently been updated (new list can be found here). Unfortunately, the updated version seems to have dropped a few (sometimes important) journals, crucially maybe Social Marketing Quarterly, some journals were relegated as they had lost their sparkle – and obviously new journals are not yet included (such as the forthcoming Journal of Social Marketing). Either way,  I thought it might be useful to compile and share an overview of the journals that more or less frequently publish articles related to social marketing – and their ranking in the ABS list. The ranking on the ABS list is from 4 (top international journal) to 1 (recognised).

This list may not be complete, as I simply looked through my Endnote file to identify the journals (if you have any additions, please let me know!). Also some of these journals may only very rarely publish anything related to social marketing (e.g. Business and Industrial Marketing), while others may be much more social-marketing-friendly. Of course, the ABS list in itself is not the only list that there is – there are a number of other ones, and a more extensive list can be found here. However, not withstanding these points, the ABS list does give (at least in my view) a pretty good overview over potential publication outlets – and the perceived quality of the publication.

ISSN Journal Title ABS 2010 ABS 2009
0887-378X Milbank Quarterly 4 4
0899-7640 Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 3 3
0091-3367 Journal of Advertising 3 3
0021-8499 Journal of Advertising Research 3 3
0267-257X Journal of Marketing Management 3 3
0742-6046 Psychology and Marketing 3 3
0743-9156 Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 3 3
0148-2963 Journal of Business Research 3 3
0265-1335 International Marketing Review 3 3
1470-5931 Marketing Theory 2 2
0265-0487 International Journal of Advertising 2 2
0965-254X Journal of Strategic Marketing 2 2
0276-1467 Journal of Macromarketing 2 2
0885-8624 Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing 2 2
1049-5142 Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing 1 1
1468-5833 British Medical Journal 1 0
1470-6423 International Journal of Consumer Studies 1 1
0263-4503 Marketing Intelligence and Planning 1 1
1472-3891 Journal of Public Affairs 1 1
New Journal
2042-6763 Journal of Social Marketing NEW NEW
Journals removed from the ABS List in 2010:
0363-8111 Public Relations Review N/A 2
1524-5004 Social Marketing Quarterly N/A 1
1747-3616 Young Consumers N/A 1
1465-4520 International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing N/A 1
1750-6123 International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing 0 0

Of course, publishing about research in social marketing is not only confined to journals which are “business-aligned”. In fact, many articles I regularly use come from health related fields etc – so for completeness here are some other journals from other fields that also regularly feature social marketing research:
Addiction, Addiction Research and Theory, Alcohol and Alcoholism , American Journal of Infection Control, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, BMC Public Health, British Food Journal, British Journal of General Practice, Conservation and Recycling, Drug and Alcohol Review, Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, Education for Health, Environmental Management, Health Education, Health Education Research, Health Education Research Theory and Practice, Health Policy, Health Promotion International, Health Promotion Practice, International Gambling Studies, International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Journal of Smoking Cessation, Medical Decision Making, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Nutrition Reviews, Perspectives in Public Health, Preventing Chronic Disease, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, Public Health, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Social Science & Medicine, The Diabetes Educator, The European Journal of Public Health, The Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, Tobacco Control.

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