Social Marketing: Sun, Beach & Crime

cayman-islands-beachThe Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has become the latest police force to recommend the use of Social Marketing to reduce crime rates in the beautiful British overseas territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. As the police force argue, Social Marketing has been very successful in the reduction of crime rates,  using the example of reduction of petty crime in New York around 20 years ago, yet it is still not as often applied as it should be. As regular readers of this blog know, Australia recently also recommended a more systematic application of using Social Marketing to reduce crime there.

Social Marketing has been used very successfully to reduce petty in the past, i.e. in reducing small “crimes” that often have a profound negative effect on the perceived quality of life,ranging from graffiti and littering to misdemeanours, such as drugs taking, vandalism and simple assault. An other area where Social Marketing has a proven track record is financial crime, which may be an other important area of concern in a major international financial centre such as the Cayman islands. In previous applications, Social Marketing has been applied to tax evasion, fraud in the insurance industry and in the reduction of investment fraud.

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