A Framework for Cross-Cultural Social Marketing Research

A Cross-Cultural Social Marketing Framework

Over the past few weeks I have tried to visually represent my first take on what I hope could become a framework for cross-cultural research in Social Marketing. So with much fanfare … the picture above is the alpha draft version of the framework I am proposing, based on a review of the literature looking at interventions in culturally diverse settings as well as in cross-cultural contexts, i.e. where there there is an interactional component, behavioural objective or simply put Social Marketing intervention originating in one culture and trying to change behaviour (or knowledge, perceptions, attitudes etc) in a distinct culture. The aim of the framework is primarily to highlight the various factors that influence the Social Marketing intervention at the various levels and show them in a wider context, which in turn acknowledges the often complex, synergistic and permanently evolving influence factors.

In a nutshell, the framework looks at tries to identify the five main factors which influence research into and carrying out a Social Marketing intervention in a cross-cultural context. The five main factors can in turn be divided into three “main areas”:

Firstly, a historic-cultural component which contributes to the self-image and Weltanschauung of the target population, represented by two major factors:
1) The cultural context, i.e. the cultural beliefs, values, behaviours and actions system, of the target population.
2) The historical context and resulting self-concept of the target population

A socio-economic environment context of the individuals of the target population:
3) The social context of the target population
4) The economic context of the target population

And finally one factor/area which looks at the relation between the two previous “themes”, i.e. the psychosocial context and processes of how individuals of the target population relate to their environment.

At the centre of the framework is the focus of the major research outcome (or “question focus” if you so want): These can focus on one (or more of) four possible core research outcomes:
1) The content of a social marketing intervention, i.e. how is a message differentiated, shaped or framed for a specific target group
2) A method of intervening, i.e. what methods are being used
3) The interpretation of a message once sent to a target audience (i.e. is the interpretation/understanding the same as desired)
4) The outcome or evaluation factors of a social marketing intervention

As I said in the first paragraph, this model is very much in an alpha state – and I really would appreciate your thoughts, comments and additions to the model. Please let me know what you think!

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