Txt for HIV Advice

Project Masiluleke is an interesting project currently operating in South Africa, where special SMS messages are sent to mobile phone users, who then can call the National Aids Helpline of South Africa and discuss testing options, for example.

Sending around a million SMS text messages every day, this kind of service also seems a really good way to reach a large amount of the South African population – not to mention the possibility of upscaling and exporting the concept. Of course, SMS text messages are also a brilliant way of sending other messages in a (more or less) time sensitive way, for example reminders about medication, for example  to increase adherence/compliance rates, information about weather/pollen conditions & alerts, for example for astma suffers and of course also for support messages for people who are quitting smoking.

More information is available from the projects website: http://www.praekeltfoundation.org/project-spotlight

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