Social Marketing: the answer to resistance ?

Yet again, the HPA has issued alarming figures in terms of (bacterial) resistance in the UK. And the bad news is, isn’t only like that in the UK. From failing antibiotics, to failing antivirals, the picture is not a rosy one. The main culprit of course is medication adherence, especially in countries where access to medication is excellent. Yet an alarming figure of the general population seems to be unclear about how to use medication so that the chances of resistance are minimised. Maybe in all of this, social marketing can play an important role to educate patients, as previous efforts, which are mostly based on patient information rather than integrative behaviour change campaigns have evidently failed. A good start may be this article by Mah, Deshpande and Rothschild who point out some excellent ways how social marketing can really change medication adherence.
Ref: Mah M, Deshpande S & Rothschild M. Social marketing: a behaviour change technology for infection control. American Journal of lnfection
Control 2006; 34:452-7.

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