The social advergame

Advergaming is steadily growing, and maybe not surprisingly, branching out to new target groups (recently, I commented on the female advergamers ). But advergames are not something just for the big consumer brands, trying to lure online-consumers into buying anything from chocolate to alcoholic drinks, but the power of the online game can also be used for social marketing.
Picture from Turnitalloff.comFor example on, you can save energy all around the office (or waste it for that matter!), and do some other strange things, including taking copies of your derriere.
Another social marketing advergame, waterbusters, brought to you by the Seattle government, is making you save water throughout the home.
Volunteering England has also jumped on the advergame bandwagon, though a lot less elaborately, with a balance yourself game.
Finally, if you want an elobrative, sim-like game – which really is very much anti-marketing, then head over to McVideogame. Here you can poison consumers with hormones and industrial waste in your meaty burgers, launch dubious advertising campaigns – and you guessed it – watch your hard earned cash pile up as long as you keep on adding more and more dubious business practices.

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