Cooking it up on a Sunday

Cook On a totally private note: I have started volunteering for the “Food Chain”, a charity which provides meals and nutritional advice to people living with HIV/AIDS in London.

The work involves cooking a nutritious meal on a Sunday morning in one of the six kitchens that the charity has and then delivering it to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater London area – quite a large operation actually!
Cooking the meals with 6 or 7 other people can be real fun, and something quite different from a boring morning in bed (or what are you doing on a Sunday morning?). Of course, it is also a really great way to meet new people.
And if cooking is not your thing then driving around London and delivering meals can be really rewarding – as you meet the people and see what a difference a meal delivered with a smile can make. Thanks to the volunteers and donations (of course!) the Food Chain provides these meals free of charge, around 550 of them, every Sunday.

Importantly though, the Food Chain is very much looking for drivers (that is people with cars!) and navigators (people who help the drivers get around and deliver the meals to the front door). So if you have a spare Sunday morning, and would like to do something rewarding rather than stay in bed – why not check out their website ( and join as a volunteer!

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