Jupiter refuses to back down

Jupiter - a lonely planet
JupiterResearch, the company that is trying to redefine Social Marketing as something that is called Social Media Optimization is refusing to back down – despite of protests from the social marketing community.

In defiant arrogance of the the protest, David Schatsky, the CEO of Jupiter has claimed in his online blog that their Social Marketing is the right one, … but he admits that, of course, Jupiter would also like to offer their services to real social marketing companies.

However, this is not the first gaffe within a pretty short period of time for the company – so maybe that is why Jupiter is trying not to admit their faux pas.

Maybe Jupiter should learn from another market research company, Forrester, who made a similar faux pas. But, very different to Jupiter, Forrester immediately apologised when they realised their mistake. And as we all know to err is human…

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