Jupiter – again…

A “Sales Manager” of JupiterResearch has amazingly found the time to write me a nice little email, pointing me to the blog by David Schatzki (see here), which would “respond to my concerns”. Not sure how the post by Mr Schatzki can respond to my concerns, when all it does is to say Jupiter is right, no matter what anyone else says.

So ironically, there is now a company offering their “research expertise” in social media …. who themselves are becoming the laughing stock of exactly that social media.
If the company really needs a lesson on viral marketing, and the power of blogs, email lists, Wikis, user generated content and the lot – then I almost suspect they are getting one right now.

Of course, if anyone wants to buy expertise on how to successfully turn social media against you, that is a business preposition I can’t quite follow.
(Tip: If you do, check out this useful link before!)

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